Rajshree Sharma


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person Female
location_city IFS

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school MSc Forensic Odontology (2015-17)
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tere jaane se noor gaya esa lagta ahi jaise koi bolta hi nhi hai......smjh nhi aata ki gandhinagar me tune shor machaya tha ya tere jaane se yeh shaant ho gya......jo bhi reason ho at least i can sleep now hahaha.

person sota hua panchi access_time 19-01-2018

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馃槄happiest and full of positivity soul i ever met... access_time 20-01-2018


Keep rocking girl... Gfsu miss u

person U knw me access_time 10-01-2018

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So finally I feel myself lucky enough to praise a pure soul. U are the most amazing girl I have met. The tantrums like a kid understanding wisdom bold unbreakable though sensitive charming passionate loving all these are some of the qualities that defines you... Bearing a friendly nature makes you special.

person Fortunate guy access_time 29-11-2017

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bhai galat profile select ki tune. because the qualities you mentioned are not there in this person. Tantrums are there but they are very high that its annoying wisdom is not present at all charming ??? LoL access_time 30-11-2017

everyone has thier own perception for an individual....soo u keep yours im happy with this what im...logo ko to bhagwan s bhi dikkat hai ..to hum cheez e kya access_time 01-12-2017

See bro if it is about perception then u preserved her in a wrong way. access_time 01-12-2017

N bro u seem to be jealous of her. A guilty conscience needs no accuser. So it would be good that you keep your unwanted advice with you. If you wanted to tell all this better you have posted by your own.. Commenting on my post is insane n totally unbearable.. access_time 01-12-2017

Before criticizing a man walk a mile in his shoes. access_time 01-12-2017

LoL ! Jealous of her ? Star movies will never be jealous of Cartoon network. And I don t need to walk in someone s shoes because k I have already traveled the whole world and seen enough blinds. P.S.: Sorry cartoon network for offending you channel. access_time 03-12-2017

finally sorry tho boldiyaaa... access_time 03-12-2017

cartoon woow such a big compliment you gave her bro.. and whateva tynxx for ur sorry .. atleast being cartoon she z having talent to make people smile..tumhare jaise k logo k tarah peche se to kuch nii bolti...if u have guts then go and speak on her face...i know her she will clear all your doubts access_time 03-12-2017

ye toh sayi bola bhai tu vo unka doubts zarroor clear karega access_time 03-12-2017

*karegi access_time 03-12-2017


Jado nikle patola banke mitra di jaan pe bane

person Secret admirer access_time 28-09-2017

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tu cheez badi hai mast mast tu cheez badi hai mast

person lover aapka access_time 16-09-2017

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In luv with her cute expressions

person Anonymous access_time 16-09-2017

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Cutest doctor

person anonymous access_time 16-09-2017

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Sweetest and coolest doctor I ever meet

person Anonymous access_time 16-09-2017

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Bindaas personality .....Love her confidence

person Secret admirer access_time 16-09-2017

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