Lenora Agnel


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person Female
location_city IFS

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school MSc DFIS 2016 - 2018 Alumni
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Dumbest girl ever can be!

person You didnt gave a damn hence youre dumbhead access_time 11-01-2018

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and what about you? and you are giving a damn still a dumbhead access_time 02-02-2018


Very sad that I am unable to see you in mess now.. Miss u :(

person Anonymous access_time 08-01-2018

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Awwww access_time 09-01-2018


Ur eyes is the beauty of your figure

person Silent killer access_time 18-12-2017

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Damn! Aashiq deewana. access_time 06-02-2018


Kyun nahi horaa

person Ttttttt access_time 26-11-2017

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Zor k try kar access_time 27-11-2017

Sidhe jaake baat kar le access_time 30-11-2017

I think you forgot to use vowels “a and I” in your name. access_time 06-02-2018


Can you just look up I m right here.

person Please access_time 10-11-2017

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:) access_time 12-11-2017

bhai real time notification nahi aati. access_time 13-11-2017


I feel jealous that you have boyfriend. I know you love him. But still. You are such a cute little hot munchkin.❤

person No name access_time 06-11-2017

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What do I have to do to get you to notice me? Change my hair the way I walk. My clothes the way I talk. I know a lot of you now.. yet I m still invisible to you. My feelings run deep and how I wish you only knew. I see your face every time I close my eyes To me you just seem so different from the other guys. To you I m just a friend Nothing more nothing less I settle for friendship in the end Because I don t want to make a mess. Instead I ll keep my secret to myself.so when will u notice me?

person Secret access_time 19-10-2017

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Whohoo who is this 😅😅😅😅 access_time 24-10-2017

I m her Die Hard Fan ! Waiting to see her smile again. #vacationssuck access_time 25-10-2017

#andyoualso access_time 25-10-2017

Nice feedback Raihan. access_time 28-10-2017

When I read other guys all I wondered was if I was still on the same person s comment list access_time 20-01-2018


Yo Leno ! Chappri ! Yo sunshine !

person No need for name access_time 01-10-2017

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